First European Workshop on Scaphopod Molluscs, at Haus der Natur – Cismar

© 2013 Haus der Natur – Cismar

Dr. Bernd Sahlmann, Frans de Jong and I had erect at April 28th, 2013 to May 1st, 2013 the first European workshop on Scaphopod Molluscs, at Haus der Natur – Cismar. A German shell museum, directed by dr. Vollrath Wiese, who had helped and enjoyed us during our stay.

Sternberger gestein
Sternberger gestein

The journey went easy. When we arrived we were in luck that there was a meeting of “Club Conchylia”, so we were allowed to see some shells while enjoying a cup of tea and a lovely piece of home-made cake. We didn’t wait long before Karina Thiede and her husband arrived. I had made an appointment to get some great pieces of “Sternberger gestein”. A very Scaphopod-rich formation from the Chattium (A and B), Oligocene age. I will study those Scaphopods later.

The following days we tried to find an ID on our difficulties, but every solved problem gave us a lot more new questions. We also discussed some matters on anatomy, biology, distribution, morphology and nomenclature.

Busy on Red Sea Scaphopods. © 2013 Vollrath Wiese
Busy on Red Sea Scaphopods. © 2013 Vollrath Wiese

During our one-day discussion about the Red Sea Scaphopods, we have solved a lot of problems. The most things are more clear now and ready to publish. Vollrath has helped us with his photograph skills to make fantastic, detailed pictures of these white, striated shells.

I want to thanks Bernd and Vollrath for their hospitality, lot of information, and humoristic moments, Vollrath earns special honor for his photograph skills. We have laughed a lot, and the cakes were very tasteful. Thanks to Frans for his accompaniment during this trip.


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Group shot
Group shot

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